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Massage Surrey | Semi Permanent Make Up Surrey | Hypnotherapy Surrey Massage Surrey | Semi Permanent Make Up Surrey | Hypnotherapy Surrey Massage Surrey | Semi Permanent Make Up Surrey | Hypnotherapy Surrey Massage Surrey | Semi Permanent Make Up Surrey | Hypnotherapy Surrey

Semi-Permanent Make-up Surrey, Hypnotherapy Surrey & Massage Surrey

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The Clinic UK aims to change and enhance every client who enters for treatment. Whether you choose semi-permanent make-up, hypnosis or massage you will leave feeling internally and externally fantastic. We can guarantee excellent results and you will leave looking and feeling great. Once you have experienced us we hope that you will remain one of our many regular clients, many have become friends and return again and again. Please have a look at the next few pages and read what we can offer you.

Semi-Permanent Make-up Surrey

The Clinic UK offers semi-permanent make-up in surrey for eyebrows, eyeliner, lashes and lips. This amazing cosmetic tattooing procedure will transform your face instantly to enhance your features in a very clever way. Whether you decide to have a subtle or a dramatic effect, you will be satisfied with the result. Clients are often asked if they had a face lift because of the overall affect. In fact this 'wake up and go' beauty regime is so good its now becoming as popular as Botox!

Overall, this safe and effective procedure will save you time and money and can last for years if annual tops ups are given. So if you are looking for Semi Permanent Make Up in Surrey thene call us today on 01276 469706.

People Who Benefit

Massage Surrey | Semi Permanent Make Up Surrey | Hypnotherapy Surrey Melanie Hall

II want to thank Christina for the most amazing eyebrows that she tattooed for me today. As a cancer patient my eyebrows hadnít grown back. I had previously had them tattooed in London, but they werenít as good. Melanie Hall I will definitely have Christina do them in the future; Iím already booked to have my lips done. Again I cannot thank her enough. She is amazing and makes you feel relaxed x

Melanie Hall
  • Daily make up wearers
  • Athletes & swimmers
  • Alopecia sufferers
  • Busy people who want to look their best 24/7
  • People with allergies to make-up
  • People who find applying make-up a problem
  • People who require correction of asymmetry of facial features

Hypnotherapy Surrey (Hypnosis)

We offer hypnotherapy in Surrey, clients at The Clinic UK are treated for a wide range of conditions, including weight loss, stress and anxiety, smoking cessation, lack of confidence, depression, addictions, relationship problems, sexual issues, fighting cancers during chemotherapy and the healing process, support with IVF treatment and many other areas.

The power of your mind as amazing!

Hypnosis is a tried and tested method of reprogramming the unconscious mind to help with what appears to be uncontrollable. You can be helped to gain a sense of control where thoughts really turn around with amazing results in usually 3 sessions. In fact if there is any area of your life that you would like to change improve or enhance, but you don't know where to start or even have the motivation to do it then Hypnotherapy is likely to help you. Contact The Clinic UK for a hypnotherapy in Surrey consultation.

Massage Surrey

Jojar Dhinsa Massage Surrey | Semi Permanent Make Up Surrey | Hypnotherapy Surrey

Running a multi-billion dollar business can be very stressful sometimes, especially when important decisions have to be made frequently. I found Christina's regular 'Stress Busting Sessions' to be very therapeutic and effective; they have enabled me to manage my business in a calm and decisive manner.

Jojar Dhinsa, Chairman & CEO Athlone Group

Are you looking for a massage in Surrey? People have forgotten the importance of touch and how vital it is to our health. Massage is still underrated and stigmatized even though it has been discovered that after prolonged physical contact, the hypothalamic area of the brain experiences a reduction of activity, decreasing the body's level of stress hormones, and increasing the level of endorphins giving amazing feelings of wellness.

Certain conditions can be treated with massage and will help you achieve a good body balance. The Clinic UK offers a deeply relaxing full body and scalp massage using aromatherapy essential oils to bring about a fundamental feeling of well being. If you're not in the mood for a full massage then reflexology may be an option. This is also a very popular treatment carried out at The Clinic UK offers massage in Surrey and is another great way of achieving a good internal body balance.

The Clinic UK offers Massage Surrey, Semi Permanent Make Up Surrey and Hypnotherapy Surrey and throughout Camberley, Berkshire, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire, Bucks, Reading, Woking, Farnborough, Bracknell, Guildford and Ascot. Please contact us on 01276 469706 or 07712 626971 for an appointment.

Massage Surrey | Semi Permanent Make Up Surrey | Hypnotherapy Surrey

Having my eyebrows done has changed my life! Itís made me more confident and happy. Iíd wish Iíd done it years ago! I would recommend it to anyone. Thank you Christina

Sharon Draper