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Hypnotherapy (Hypnosis) in Surrey

"Whether you believe you can, or whether you believe you can't... you are absolutely right." - Henry Ford

Stop Smoking

Have you had enough of this destructive antisocial habit? Would you like to stop smoking once and for all? In just one 90 minute session you will be free of smoking and all its trappings. In fact you will not care about it anymore. Feeling that sense of freedom being a non smoker is not only liberating but life changing. I have treated many people through hypnosis by tapping into that part that holds the conflict that many smokers have.

You will only gain by having this treatment and feel really confident as well as excited by the prospect of this new sense of freedom and newness. Get rid of the excuses and the fear of stopping and call me now!

Remember there is NO benefit whatsoever in remaining a smoker. So if you need help to stop, please call me to make the appointment.

It's never too soon to stop, but sadly only too CAN be too late!

Lose Weight

Whether you comfort eat, routinely starve and binge, sabotage any diet you've tried, or simply lose motivation, I can help you get back on track by giving you control over your eating habits. By tapping into your unconscious mind I can help kick start your thoughts enabling you to reach the size you've always dreamed of. By giving you that new sense of excitement and feeling of empowerment, you'll be ready to lose weight easily. There are usually many issues surrounding food, and we will tackle them by finding out the relationship you have with food and what food means to you. Remember we need to eat, and we need to enjoy it when we do, so food should not be the enemy. However, I will work by giving you control back in your life, and the confidence to see it through. This will be a lifestyle change, not just a change of diet for 3 weeks. The weight will drop off as your mind will lose the obsession of dieting, you will not constantly be worrying what to eat and how. Constant dieting, starving and bingeing in fact does make you fat and your metabolism does become sluggish over time which in turn slows down the natural fat burning process as you digest your food. I will give you the enthusiasm to eat healthy, so you will really look forward to meal times and won't care about eating in between. Your mind will think differently and the only thing you will gain is a healthy balance back in your life. We will work together towards this.

Remember eating unhealthily is usually a habit and is associated with certain daily routines. The needy feeling of wanting something when you're not hungry is usually anxiety based.

Remember the mind is the computer of the body, and it can be trained to do anything it wants! So please contact me for an appointment if you want to get rid of that weight once and for all.

A powerful Life Changing Therapy

What exactly is hypnosis?

Hypnosis helps to treat problems by accessing the unconscious mind, where you store all your emotions, automatic behaviours and beliefs. Your mind works on both unconscious and conscious levels. Therefore by relaxing the conscious mind and tapping into the unconscious, you can help change these habits and unwanted behaviours and thoughts. Unlike other forms of therapy and counselling which often take months to show results, hypnotherapy gives you positive suggestions and alternative new behaviours, meaning you can change very rapidly.

How safe is it?

Clinical hypnosis is completely safe. You cannot be made to do something against your will, as your unconscious mind is protective. You can also wake up and terminate the session if you so wish. You can never be 'stuck' in hypnosis. It is a very safe and a truly relaxing experience.

Will I lose control?

This therapy is not about taking control away from you. Indeed, it is about empowering you with more control, motivation and positivity. Remember, by changing the way you think will change the way you feel which in turn will change the way you behave.

What happens in a hypnotherapy session?

Before we start our first session I will explain hypnosis to you, allaying any fears that you may hold and answering any questions you may have. You will be able to discuss freely and openly about yourself and about any issues that have been preventing you from moving forward. This will take place confidentially and in a very relaxed environment. Taking a full case history is therefore important before any therapy commences. During this first session you will experience hypnosis purely for relaxation and to familiarise yourself with this enjoyable experience.

The next few sessions will involve the hypnotherapy, which is therapy under hypnosis. These sessions will be individually be tailored to suit you in order to help you reach your goal.

Most people can be helped with personal change through hypnotherapy, the only criteria necessary is the person has to want to be helped. The process may also involve self-hypnosis between sessions, which I will teach you. This acts as an excellent reinforcer for the therapy. Remember, that insight may occur immediately or gradually after a few days, and change can be subtle.

It is a very releasing experience, and will help you to feel that sense of freedom!

Using a holistic approach

This method will look at many aspects of your lifestyle, which indeed may be a catalyst to some problems and may therefore need re-adjusting. I will look holistically (the whole person) as well as give aftercare advice. This is a very effective way of maintaining change.

How many sessions will I need?

Usually 3-5 sessions. Smoking cessation only 1 session.

I can help you with.

  • Smoking cessation
  • Weight loss
  • Performance anxiety
  • Phobias
  • Stress & anxiety
  • Fighting cancer during chemotherapy
  • Increased self confidence
  • Panic attacks
  • IVF preparation
  • Driving test confidence
  • Complusive behaviours
  • Anger management
  • Bereavement & loss
  • Depression
  • Relationship issues
  • And more...

I can help with many other issues that your unconscious mind may hold. So please phone me 01276 469706 and ask about hypnosis and hypnotherapy, no matter how silly you may think it sounds. Let's' talk about it...

From 100.00 - first session (includes consultation)
From 75.00 - subsequent sessions
From 190.00 - Smoking cessation (single session)