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Massage in Camberley, Surrey


You're guaranteed to feel amazing! This is a truly wonderful massage. The technique involves the use of aromatic essential oils, which contain unique properties and fragrances to soothe the mind and body. Essential oils are the soul and life force of plants and when blended specially in a synergy to suit the individual they can be powerful and very effective. They work both physically and emotionally on the body, whether you need stimulating, uplifting, relaxing or even just pampering. You are guaranteed to leave feeling amazing! For thousands of years the essential oils have been used in therapeutic treatments, they are nature's gift to the mind and body. During treatment they are absorbed through the skin and through inhalation, and have a long lasting effect.

Great For

  • Deep relaxation & general well being
  • Revitalisation
  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Specific emotional & physical problems
  • Aches & pains
  • Hormonal balance
  • Skin rejeuvenation
  • Cellulite removal
  • Circulation
  • Insomnia
  • Detoxification

Reflexology Massage

Great for a healthy body balance! This is a unique technique working on the reflexes of the feet using zone therapy. Zone therapy locates any blockages in your body through your feet.

Reflexology will aid the flow of any congested energies, which remain trapped in the body. Stress, disease and injury can lead to congestion along these energy pathways. By stimulating the various reflexes it is possible to clear away the congestion of toxic deposits, bringing about a state of balance to the body.

The earliest evidence of reflexology was discovered in Egypt around 2500BC. Recent evidence has shown that it has been beneficial within the NHS and is now used widely as a therapy to aid healthy body maintenance.

Great for

  • Balancing the body
  • Relaxation & general well being
  • Toxin elimination
  • Aiding circulation

Hypno-massage Stress Buster

Are you really under pressure, perhaps not sleeping well, feeling edgy and anxious? Are you taking on too many life's stressors? There is a solution!

Come for an amazing sustaining stress busting treatment which lasts. You will dissociate from all your outside stressors whilst feeling comfort and relaxation. After the treatment you will leave feeling calm, energised and much more focused. You will also feel much more confident in dealing with life's challenges.

This stress busting treatment will consist of sedating essential oils which deeply relax your mind and body through massage. You will be safely covered in a warmed blanket ready for the next step. The hypnosis will help you reach trance level enabling you to feel that wonderful equilibrium of mind body balance. Bringing clarity, focus, and confidence to your unconscious mind.

Massage for relaxation - Hypnosis for clarity, focus & confidence.

You will feel as if you've been on a deeply relaxing journey. This is a very empowering experience. The mind and body has to dissociate sometimes in order to feel empowered and renewed, enabling us to deal with life's challenges. Call to make an appointment today will make a difference.

From 150.00 - Hypno-massage stress buster, 90 minutes

Price includes consultation.

Holistic Approach

This method looks at many aspects of your lifestyle, looking at the whole person, which indeed may be a catalyst to certain problems. This will be looked at through the consultation, and aftercare advice will be given.

Remember your body is constantly trying to maintain a balance in all its systems (homeostasis).

If you are under a lot of strain it can alter this balance. Massage therapies using the holistic approach can help the body get back on track.

With the busy lives we lead today, we build up stress and toxins on a daily basis. When we suffer continual stress, our immunity system gradually breaks down and our energy centres get blocked. This can result in illness. Massage can help detoxify the body and release the body's natural energy flow.

Remarkably, the body has the ability to heal itself if given the extra time and support. By having these treatments on a regular basis, you will be helping your body maintain its natural healthy state, benefiting you in the long term. You will soon notice a positive change in your well-being and feel the true benefits of holistic therapy.

Detoxification From Massage Treatments

There is a possibility that you may experience the effects of detoxification e.g. slight nausea, headache, tiredness, diarrhoea, coldness, sinus decongestion or frequent urination. These reactions are very normal, and are a sign of your body ridding itself of the toxin build up. You may not experience anything at all but these reactions are a result of your first step towards self-healing.

From 80.00 - full body aromatherapy, including face and scalp (Japanese pressure point facial), 75 minutes
From 40.00 - back massage, 30 minutes
From 40.00 - reflexology, 45 minutes

Price includes consultation.

To make an appointment or to find out more information contact us or call The Clinic UK on 01276 469706, offering massages throughout Camberley, Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire, Reading, Woking, Farnborough, Bracknell, Guildford and Ascot.