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Semi Permanent Make Up Surrey | Cosmetic Tattooing | Micropigmentation Semi Permanent Make Up Surrey | Cosmetic Tattooing | Micropigmentation Semi Permanent Make Up Surrey | Cosmetic Tattooing | Micropigmentation

Semi-permanent Make-up

THE CLINIC UK is now offering SEMI-PERMANENT MAKE-UP to its clients. This amazing procedure will give you smudge free long lasting natural beauty without you ever having to apply your usual make-up.

Micropigmentation or cosmetic tattooing is the technique used where pigments are applied to the dermal layer of the skin to naturally define the shape and colour of the eyebrows, eye line, lashes and lips. In some cases new brows will be given to suit your face if you have none at all. Expert advice will be given with every procedure, and the shape and colour will be agreed and temporarily applied before any procedure is carried out.

SEMI-PERMANENT MAKE-UP is completely safe, effective and long lasting. Women of all ages are now experiencing the wonderful benefits of this modern beauty trend.

Semi-permanent Make-up Frquently Asked Questions

How long will the make-up last?
Although the pigment stays in the skin for years it will fade over time. It depends on the lifestyle the skin type and colour choice. Top-ups are recommended annually.

How long will it take?
Allow 1½ hours for each new procedure.

Is it painful?
This varies from person to person but with the modern techniques and equipment used in conjunction with a numbing cream, there is usually minimum discomfort.

Do I have a choice of colour and shape?
Yes you will choose the shape and colour which will be tailoured to suit you.

What happens after the precedure?
Immediately after, the area may be swollen or a little red but this does vary with each client. This may last for a few days but will heal very quickly. Also the colour may appear darker and intense, but this is usual and will fade quickly. After care advice is given plus a petroleum cream to take away.

Eyebrows - from 350.00
Eyeliner Top Line - from 300.00
Eyeliner bottom - from 100.00
Eyeliner top & bottom - from 350.00
Lips outline - from 300.00
Lips outline & blush - from 350.00
Top-up within 8 weeks - from 50
Top-up - from 200.00

For more information or to make an appointment for Semi-permanent Make-up throughout Surrey, Berkshire, Hampshire, Buckinghamshire, Reading, Woking, Farnborough, Bracknell, Camberley, Guildford and Ascot, contact us or call on 01276 469706.

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